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Drive the point of notice of inn of Chinese style snack
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Mention snack, people can think of immediately " Kendeji " , " Mcdonald's " wait for Western-style snack inn, think of the Western-style snack breed such as fried chicken leg, hamburger, chips. But, if ask about Chinese style snack, be afraid a lot of people did not come up with respect to the answer.

Actually " snack " this word itself has three-layer meaning: The first, it is to point to convenient and quick food; The 2nd, it is to point to a kind to dine quickly means; The 3rd, it is the management mode that points to a kind of meal.

Inn of the first snack appeared in American new York 1885. Since then, snack industry grows quickly in world each country, world War II reached a climax later. World-renowned nowadays snack inn if " Kendeji " , " Mcdonald's " wait, its already developed even locksmith on 10 thousand, spread all over alive bound each district, annual produce amounts to hundreds 100 million dollars.

In recent years, be opposite as the market of snack demand gain the influence that tries to reach Western-style snack, inn of snack of a few Chinese style also appeared in succession. And because manage Chinese style snack to have investment dimensions,small, capital reclaims fast, run wait for an advantage relatively simply, friend opens store of Chinese style snack already by a lot of in small investor is taken a fancy to. The person that opens store of Chinese style snack now then is increasing, the team of inn of Chinese style snack also more and more expand.

Snack of management Chinese style and manage Western-style snack to have very big distinction. Above all, the breed of Chinese style snack and Western-style snack has bigger different. To the Chinese, western-style snack is a kind of recreational food merely, cannot eat when the meal, and Chinese style snack solves a client have a meal problem; Next, western-style snack is mechanization, batch is changed, standardize production, and Chinese style snack however the reason because of breed or the restriction that accept technical condition, far short of this kind of level; Again criterion, western-style snack has been entered at present advanced the phase with maturity, it is chain is managed commonly, and Chinese style snack just just starts. Because suffer capital to throw level of finite, technology level of management is finite, finite and social condition is immature wait for an element to restrict, at present majority returns reason can be single home only alone door the ground is managed, talk about chain to appear to still be vogue now early.

Below, the author talks at present the condition falls, open the problem that inn of snack of a Chinese style will encounter:

The choice of 1. snack breed

Breed choice is the important segment that snack runs, it is deciding the success or failure that snack inn manages on certain level. The breed that suits Chinese style snack to manage basically can divide it is 3 kinds big: The first it is dietary kind. If fry a meal, risk meal, braise meal, lid to irrigate a meal to wait; The 2nd it is noodle kind. If noodles in soup includes line of rice of ground rice of the  such as miscellaneous sauce face, omelette face, beef face, chow mien and the pink of pig's large intestines that are similar to noodle, Guilin, Yunnan to wait; The 3rd it is noodle kind. Wait like steamed stuffed bun, steamed dumpling, a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, thin pancake made of millet flour. Above these are convenient and quick food, be like  of dietary, noodle or ground rice, the client arrived to be able to be made quickly later, and noodle can have been made group by group beforehand, the client goes up to immediateness desk. Can make a shopper frequent already so repast and do not send kick one's heels, also raised the mensal utilization rate of snack inn at the same time, go up objectively the turnover that increased cafeteria. But those who need an attention is, the variety that any snack inn run cannot pass too much miscellaneous, can make your snack inn appears already otherwise without characteristic, also the workload that virtually increased a kitchen, and make inn of whole quick meal becomes run hard. Here has two kinds of plan to be able to offer an alternative: One kind is inn of a snack runs variety of a kind of snack only, or is managed dietary, or manages noodle, or manages noodle; Another kind is with managing some kind of snack breed is given priority to, two kinds of breed are other of part holding battalion concurrently complementary. Inn of a snack must not reach every aspect of a matter, what breed is managed, all breed add up most 20 kinds or so enough. Here by the way, if inn of a snack is managed dietary or noodle, had better manage a few kinds of Shang Cai at the same time and offer a few free cole.
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