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Meal clerk should have hardship consciousness
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One, hardship consciousness

Everything thinks more, everything asks more, put the issue that be in in the light of guest have dinner, I have a bit idea: Say exactly, some guests are well-intentioned, offer criticism to you truly, think to still have can come quality; Some guests are gone after eat, resent to a certain dish really, and do not say to pay no attention to, be gone forever; Some guest National People's Congress breathe out small cry, either that dish is salty it is that dish weak, either that food cooking is that food cooking greatly small, anyhow, it is carping wipe fund.

Offer criticism truly, we should thank a family, it is the progress that is our enterprise, should remind us thoughtful, should draw some of lesson, what change is not have increase strive to do what is beyond one's power; The guest that does not turn round truly, should ask a few more why; Truly carping wipe fund, our should gentle treatment.

2, innovation consciousness

The development of some hotel industry to cater to the market, perpetual development market, mining is shallow can, create new cooked food ceaselessly, roll out new formula. Can say every hotel course of study get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is advocate make a line, and the guest of the new department covering dish that running quickly to roll out, it is commonly be changed because of forthright or be pursue favourable and cheap and come. The department covering dish that rolls out in holiday especially is more welcome, the formula that foreign formula rolls out in such holiday is to let your too many things to see more, variety is great. Often this kind dish is very suffer bestow favor on very get popular will. Accordingly, I feel meal course of study wants to innovate truly, sell out truly personal brand, should accord with popular psychology characteristic so, have the innovation of specific aim, want a common dish to make marvelous standard. It is completely of color, sweet, flavour; 2 it is to be in class of dish of the pursuit on the face; 3 it is dish of medium pattern should stress artistic quality; 4 it is to roll out fascia dish.

3, equal consciousness

Everybody is a guest, but at present each appearance that big public house visits dish of the dish below the person all is time and again. Bright move what doesn't the guest say, but time became long the enterprise won't have true reputation and character, it is him weakness more a certain link, lost foreground. Diversiform language gives us the negative effect that the enterprise brings is well-known more. Remember, can never let a guest carrying full head " mist water " come home, had doubt to your dish, had doubt to your dish, also had doubt to your service even. Doing an arrival is the arrival that the guest's preparation goes to receiving each days, the company that allows us won't have any harm, flourishingly develop up.
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