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Restaurant meal, does the outlet where?
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In recent years, the construction of restaurant is the form with the contest spreads out in the whole nation almost, this makes restaurant meal is in with the person of the same trade between intense competition while, still coiled meal industry this already " close-packed " a mu 3 distribute land, the two big pillar that formed current meal market -- " restaurant meal " with " dining-room wine shop " the situation of the world that contend for cent. Now, the organization of dining-room wine shop expands increasingly, feather gradually abundant, can make full use of oneself are small, fast, clever, only, unusual advantage condition develops the competition inside the industry, quite one-up. Face the challenge of the dining-room wine shop with roaring the force with which sth breaks out, restaurant meal is openly accept a challenge, compete for championship, still avoid its ability, additional monarch paths? Below, let us analyse the advantage of competitive both sides and inferior position objectively.

Above all, see the weak sign of the advantage of restaurant meal and dining-room wine shop. Careful of system of restaurant meal management is perfect, having deep administrative culture; Establishment function is all ready, it is certain to have fight risk ability; Capable to undertake all sorts of conferences and large party, scope of operations is bigger; Renown hutch gathers, the technology is excellent; Have numerous relatively the employee of high quality, can provide the service of high quality; Restaurant often is decorous environment and the pronoun that high quality serves, there is better figure in the client's memory. And level of management of dining-room wine shop is inferior, employee whole quality is not high, of the kitchen manufacture, offerred service often has otherness, lack standardization and standardization; Equipment, condition is poorer, area of kitchen, storehouse is lesser cause goods in stock finite, the some dish type on menu often cannot be offerred in time; Supervisory government mechanism is not quite perfect, often use to maintain low low qualitative, inferior raw material, dietary safety assures hard; To large feast, often ability not equal to one's ambition, must lease from other cafeteria or hotel equipment, manpower.

Next, see the inadequacy of the advantage of dining-room wine shop and restaurant meal again. Dining-room wine shop manages administrative levels normally little, the orgnaization is simple, information delivers rate fast, general manager often is cafeteria is possessory, be in charge of reason boss to be caught personally, and dare to innovate, react to the market consequently acumen, push the rate to the market fast also, have constantly fresh sell a site; Service way is quick, offer close affection to change a service, be full of affinity, make the feeling when client repast relaxed, optional; Dish type covers a range big, give attention to two or morethings all sorts of gust and consumer of each administrative levels, often be planted in order to manage some or dish of a few kinds of places is fastened or some kind of dish that raw material gives priority to regards fascia as dish, the style is diversiform and the price is substantial, consumptive group range is wider; Purchase a system agile, link is little, the boss manages personally, be helpful for purchasing the control of cost; Although cafeteria adornment is not gone after luxurious but bright, individuation stresses the theme, often be to change slightly can build a brand-new environment. And administrative levels of restaurant meal management is much, information delivers rate slow, should roll out a new course beard classics is layer upon layer examine and approve, wait when getting approving rolling out, often had fallen behind, bring about its to always follow the market passively to go as a result, management flexibility is insufficient; Restaurant meal distains with " the masses " , " the daily life of a family " associate with, objective admiral has consumptive capacity one batch but relatively the consumer of deal with concrete matters relating to work bars was in taller " doorsill " besides, cause market cover narrow small; In addition, because early days is devoted burden of the running expenses after causing day greatly is heavy, division of labor is meticulous cause labour cost on the high side, channel of replenish onr's stock suffers confine to cause stock cost tall; Sale conduct propaganda is lack of power, cause dish of numerous name hutch, name " raise did not know in boudoir person " ; After hotel building, bureau of dining-room total constitution has very big change impossibly, repast environment makes the client produces very big new move impossibly.
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