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Restaurant develops Hilton successful experience is main characteristic
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The experience with hotel successful development basically has Hilton the following at 7 o'clock:

It is the character that each restaurant wants to have his, in order to get used to the need of different city, area. Want to had done this, should choose ability above all the general manager that good, sufficient can is competent, award them to run the power with good restaurant indispensible place at the same time.

2 it is to want staff budget. Mr Hilton thinks, 20 centuries 20 time and the reason that industry of hotel of 30 time United States fails, as a result of,be American hotel industry person did not resemble outstanding housewife weave in that way the budget of good restaurant, he sets, any rare Er pause restaurant must weave by every month the state booking a room at that time, weave according to the experience data of on one year of same month budget of each days plans next month. He thinks, outstanding hotel manager should master correctly need clerk of how many guest room, antechamber clerk, lift attendant, chef and dining-room clerk every year everyday. Otherwise, money can be wasted when personnel is superfluous, undermanned when can serve not considerate. Sodden to easy corrupt food complement also is such. He thinks again, besides the special situation that cannot forecast completely, the final accounting of revenue and expenditure of restaurant and budgetary substantially should be consistent.

Pause in each rare Er in restaurant, have the management analyst of a full-time. He fills in everyday all sorts of management forms for reporting statistics that day, content includes income, defray, gain and loss, and accumulative total manages a case a day that month to this, and with with on one year the data of the same item of same day undertakes comparative last month. These forms for reporting statistics will send Hilton restaurant headquarters, and collect send gives departmental, make personnel can understand concerned senior manager to manage a case newly everyday.

3 be collective or large quantities of purchasing. Of the hotel group that has several hotel large quantities of purchasing is advantageous for certain. Of course, some article must be purchased by each restaurant proper motion, but also should note large quantities of intent manufacturer is direct purchasing. Make the congener article standard that can make purchase not only so unified, low-cost, and the interest that also can make manufacturer arises to improve its product with high level. The antependium of hotel system, bed provides Hilton, 21 kinds of commodity such as carpet, television, napkin, bulb, china are be in by the company of los angeles purchase ministry order goods. Every time match is about to order 5 million, cost 250 thousand dollar. Because collective or big batch are bought, restaurant company saved Hilton to purchase cost in great quantities.
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