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Fictitious dining-room leaves to sell hamburger on management ace net
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A fictitious restaurant opens on the network " sell hamburger " , perhaps can make brilliant sale outstanding achievement, and do not have however in real life so simple, the day before yesterday, 6 networks are fictitious of dining-room " money wisdom young husband " walk into mansion of trade of Nanjing road new world and land home mouth the burger king dining-room inside big square, ground of real swords and spears-the real thing spreads out contend. "Student boss " say frankly, go up one day in the network can " sell " piece 200 many " hamburger " , can sell in real life it is not easy to give.

"Young husband " all wants a canal

According to sponsorring square introduction, this match distributes a share. 4 people of player comprise covey, hold the post of respectively " restaurant manager " , " purchase person specially assigned for a job " , " promotion assistant director " , " manufacturing assistant director " , restaurant is opened inside fictitious on the net community, from decorate inside inn, dining-room name arrives purchase measure of raw material, daily sale, sales promotion, want oneself to solve. And, the network is fictitious of dining-room " money wisdom young husband " calculate constantly even raw material inventory and product inventory, the hamburger that regulates production more than 10 minutes is about to discard as useless, everything is designed with actual storefront in operation same. Through the match on net of 10 days, 6 networks that win out are fictitious dining-room walks into reality one definitely on any account.

Fictitious as big as real difference

Fictitious have how old difference after all with reality, "Student boss " in cash register the operation grooms in have experience greatly already. Look appear simple operation page, the measure that needs an attention is very much still. How to help bit of eat quickly, had wanted to change mind one time. In addition, in fictitious world, a few dining-room turn operation to decrease, secure sale type of merchandise, of have dinner " client " also experience without real taste. And in true dining-room, the client has different taste however, can raise all sorts of different requirements.

Clever clever (alias) in the university that be the same as aid interior design major is read big 4, knew match news from the network inadvertently, excitedly ground pulled high school classmate to take part in the match. The match has not ended, she sighs with emotion fine is much: "Classmate, friend can be pulled to sing the praises on the network, in the middle of the night at 12 o'clock somebody comes ' buy hamburger ' , can be impossible in reality. Stand beside cash register, want courtesy to confront every visitor, the introduction, quote, calculate fund, challenge really not small. Wanted to apply for a job immediately, this is a kind take exercise very well. This is a kind take exercise very well..
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