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The 7 principles with meal flourishing inn
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If want to make the business of meal inn thriving, I summed up 7 principles, be like it seems that very ordinary, dan Rejian opposes application, sure meeting produces wonderful result:

The first, do one's best innovates

The meal inn that innovates hard only just can have an outlook, by rule or imitate other blindly, final and sure meeting fails, any meal inn must show his trait, ability innovation gives additional value, just also can add a client ceaselessly.

The 2nd, pursuit grows

My individual thinks to if do not chase after hope for success to grow,do meal shop, or do not challenge to higher end, cannot savour successful joyance and rich sense. If think the meal that mix a mouth has only, meet naturally rambling, fall into disuse.

The 3rd, ensure reasonable profit

The way that cannot lean lose money in business goes attracting a customer, must score normal gain with excellent service. Offer excellent service and much better variety for a long time to deadbeat, ability develops ceaselessly.

The 4th, it is jumping-off place with deadbeat

Want to be jumping-off place with the eye of deadbeat, understand the need of deadbeat, go satisfying him again. I think the management boy or girl friend that knows you is the first pace of set up shop.

The 5th, the opinion that listens to deadbeat

Must understand the need of deadbeat, accomplish this, best method is to listen attentively to. Want put heads together so as to get better result, comply with nature, the thing that redo should do, inevitable go smoothly everywhere.

The 6th, grasp good opportunity

The success of the business, fasten at whether can grasping good opportunity, be about to choose opportune opportune moment at ordinary times, investigation deadbeat wants the variety of the choice, form the new profit point of growth inside inn.

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