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Dining-room runs the communication skill that go up
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One, brief introduction

Lay good administrative foundation, what requirement to need?

3 kinds of human skill can help you become a more businesslike governor, their cent is disparate arrangement of ideas, and every kinds of skill is built advanced on a kind of skill.

1, the basiccest: Human relation skill. This is the base that you maintain good relationship in each places in the life, also be the skill that ensures place of good job relationship is used certainly.

2, communication skill: Good communication skill can ensure your viewpoint is understood by others, encourage him talking with frank and sincere other want; Make you get accurate information from inside the talk of others at the same time. 3, track skill: In chasing after the job to behave, you can apply these skill to encourage others to work hard, still can make they understand the field that makes correct, need improvement aspect and improvement way.

2, human relation skill

1, the foundation of good human relationship: Esteem and courtesy

The foundation of human relation skill that good mood: Respecting others and courtesy is need a person but core. The example of skill of a few good and human relations:

A: Greet sb with the person

B: Name name

C: Courteous diction

D: Put forward to request and rather than to command

E: Look contact

F: The hole that has acumen to the feeling of other checks power

Additional, find out the thing that others place cares, can promote the standard of bilateral and mutual trust; From which you may discover a few small issues quite, become major problem in them before, solve its, nip in the bud.

2, merely a series of skill can not represent human concern. It is a kind of manner, state you care the feeling of others, the form that hopes with you others treats you treats another person.

Retain the base of good human relationship, it is to be able to imagine in some kind specific situation falls, people can come into being why to plant experience, of if you are unidentified white other people experience, the form that you cannot hope with them treats them.

3, communicate

1, communication mode

A: Dispatcher -- addresser

B: Receiver -- listen auditor

C: Information -- the instruction that dispatcher gives receiver, report or coach

D: Pass on -- it is the receiver response to dispatcher, also can be the reaction of the person that dispatcher butt joint closes.

E: Interference and obstacle

(Interference makes information is broken; The obstacle can be finished asphyxial communicate)

2, the principal sex that communicates effectively
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