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Sweet soft tender chop of slippery evaporate of polished glutinous rice (graph)
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One: Water of bubble of polished glutinous rice. General bubble 4, 5 hours, best can much bubble a few moment, do water drop next, let rice work a little while, rice should work those who work is best.

2: Chop uses noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of the five spices, salt, soy mixes on, bloat half hour left and right sides, the taste with should compare you normal is a bit saltier.

3: Put chop in polished glutinous rice to boil, let chop touch polished glutinous rice equably, because the meeting in chop has some of moisture content, polished glutinous rice compares dry word, touch easily. Put chop finally in the lotus leaf on mat or on the Xie Panzi of dish.

4: Put the evaporate in boiler. With high-pressured boiler, the time of evaporate is controlled in 15 minutes, if common boiler, want evaporate 30 minutes or so.

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