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5 scented tea cultivate stay of proceedings
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Advocate makings: Any of several hot spice plants of stay of proceedings of steaky pork, tea tree, sweet Qin, bubble

Complementary makings: Green, ginger, garlic

The method that make:

1, steaky pork section, bubble any of several hot spice plants is cut inclined paragraph, tea tree stay of proceedings cuts a ministry, sweet Qin cuts paragraphs small;

2, oil is put in boiler, oily 6 steaky pork is put when becoming heat, slowly decoct fries consummate color, put chopped green onion, Jiang Pian, garlic again piece, bubble any of several hot spice plants, fry a fragrance;

3, enter He Xiangqin of tea tree stay of proceedings paragraph, put essence of soy, cooking wine, salt, chicken to fry divide evenly;

4, add a few clear water, medium baking temperature breaks up slowly fry 4-5 minute can.

Close little hint:

1, decoct steaky pork is to want take out overmuch adipose, make the flesh tastes not fat.

2, after this food still can have been fried, put in boiler young, heat to eat at the same time at the same time.

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