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Teach you to do cate: A thick soup of corn egg beef (graph)
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Material: Sweet corn, carrot, egg, beef.

Condiment: Soy, cooking wine, salt, gallinaceous pink, water starch, (Can scatter a few chopped green onion to do ornament) finally.


1. beef is abluent, cut Cheng Xiaoding, or section; Carrot is abluent flay, cut Xiaoding; Egg break up reserves.

2. fries boiler to put oil to burn heat, slip beef slightly stir-fry before stewing is fried, add soy, cooking wine mix colors flavors, to ripe fill piece stand-by.

3. carrot also puts the stir-fry before stewing in oily boiler to be fried, take out next reserve.

4. heats one boiler water, in leaving carrot bead and jade grain of rice boiler, boil together, pour egg fluid equably next, the edge pours an edge to churn make its are spent into the egg dispersedly.

5. needs boiling water water starch is added to make Shang Zhinong stiff after scram again, add salt, gallinaceous pink flavors, put the beef that has fried Shang Zhong to be become namely at this moment. Also can join a few chopped green onion to do an ornament finally.

If like to compare sweet taste, still but oneself add some of candy additionally.

Home of life of a thick soup of corn egg beef matchs a plan

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