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Cate DIY: Teach you to become duck of bright popular beer (graph)
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Beer duck is the assist wine cate with a distinctive local color, it is duck the flesh and beer are stewed together cook food, make nourishing duck flesh flavour more grumous, duck flesh enters the mouth not only delicacy is sweet, still contain faint scent of a beer. When pluvial humble boil boils beer duck, add a variety of flavor to promote the delicacy of duck flesh hot flavour, she says this dish still has the effect of water of clear heat, appetizing, benefit, dehumidify.

Home of beer duck life matchs a plan

Cook material (3 people portion)


Smooth duck (half, 678 grams) , demon taro (250 grams) , beer (1 bottle, 500ml) , green melon (half) , green pepper (2) , garlic (3 valve) , ginger (3) , Chinese prickly ash (1 spoon)

Flavor: Anise (5) , cassia bark (1 rootlet) , caoguo (2) , fennel seed (1/3 spoon) , dried tangerine or orange peel (2 small) , dry chili (10)

Condiment: Oily (1 spoon) , cooking wine (1 spoon) , gallinaceous pink (1/2 spoon) , soy (1 spoon) , salt (1/3 spoon)

1, duck flesh is abluent, chop is agglomerate; Green melon goes head end, cut; Green pepper cuts hob piece, ginger section, garlic shucks the garment.

2, heat half boiler water, join 1 spoon cooking wine, duck flesh is put into boiling water to iron 1 minute, scoop drop to do water.

3, the 1 spoon inside the boiler that burn heat is oily, with small hot sweet 1 spoon Chinese prickly ash, enter duck piece conflagration to break up ceaselessly fry, give oil to duck flesh stir-fry before stewing, fill duck flesh arenaceous boiler next inside.

4, infuse 1 bottle of beer and 2 bowls of clear water, enter seed of anise, cassia bark, caoguo, fennel, dried tangerine or orange peel, dry chili and Jiang Pian agitate divide evenly, after building conflagration boil, stew of make down fire boils 25 minutes.

5, pour be infatuated taro and garlic bead to continue to boil 20 minutes, join soy of pink of 1/2 spoon chicken, 1 spoon and 1/3 spoon salt to mix divide evenly tasty.

6, enter green melon, green pepper piece mixes divide evenly boils 3 minutes again, can give boiler.

Hutch god is stuck person

1, the smell of mutton of duck flesh is heavier, iron with boiling water quick-boil first, issue boiler stir-fry before stewing to come again an oil, this law can eliminate the smell of mutton of duck flesh, the duck flesh after stew is boiled is delicious, shang Yexiang is thick delicious.

2, stew flesh of the duck that boil with beer, duck soup can have very full-bodied beer taste, long nevertheless flavour of the wine after boiling is met gradually disappear, eat duck flesh not to drink boiling water only, do not meet intoxicate.

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