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Red plum potato is little
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Red plum potato is little

Advocate makings: Mud of mellow soil beans 300 grams, potato silk 300 grams, leaf fat stuffing 50 grams, flour 50 grams, egg 100 grams, salad sauce 100 grams, ketchup 50 grams, white sugar 70 grams.
Practice: 1. Potato mud joins become reconciled of flour, egg, it is good to include component of leaf fat stuffing include component of leaf fat stuffing into evaporate of wintersweet cake shape, again deepfry, in putting white sugar, tomato juice ■ good, surround in grail a week;
2. potato cuts into shreds, scald water then cook it with sauce and water has mixed put in dish among namely good.
Characteristic: Colour and lustre is ruddy, clear Xian Yasu, acid is sweet goluptious.
Wang Jiuzhang
Chinese cooking Great Master. Vice-chairman of association of cooking of province of director of Chinese cooking association, Liaoning, Liaoning saves vice-chairman of distant dish seminar, liaoning saves model worker, Liaoning to save a the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference the 5th, 6, 7, 8 committee members, it is the person that I save the only in cooking bound to enjoy allowance of the State Council.

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