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Fish and shellfish as food of crucian carp of cold wind drizzly
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Crucian carp fish contains substantial nutrient part, often feed beneficial body filling person. The person's winter is raided in cold wind drizzly, air conditioning, fat seed of crucian carp cruelly oppress is much, flavour is especially delicious, reason folk has " catfish of summer of wintry crucian carp " say. The cook that introduces fish of two kinds of crucian carp now feeds a method:
■ burden of fish of red crisp crucian carp: Divinatory symbols? jin crucian carp fish 2, flay pig steaky pork 2 2, water sends Xianggu mushroom 2 money, egg 1, shallot paragraph 2.1 2, ginger 1.5 money, soy 1 2, vinegar, refined salt, dry starch each 1 money, white sugar 2 money, gourmet powder 1 minute, yellow rice or millet wine 3 money, wet starch 5 money, gallinaceous clear soup 5 2, sesame oil 1 2, ripe lardy 1.5 jins (restrict cost 1.5 two) .
Make a way: 1. The fish goes scale is branchial, paunch goes splanchnic and abluent, air. Egg hull puts a bowl in, add wet amylaceous agitate to become egg paste. 2. Remove pork, green, Jiang Yi chop, add salt 1 cent, soy 1 money, gourmet powder, agitate becomes stuffing. 3. In piscine body every other 2 minutes of distances are in one knife of Ji, till rear. The cloth that use clean squeezes the moisture inside dry maw, scatter on dry starch, fill in stuffing into maw from place opening chest in. 4. Fry boiler to be put on flourishing fire, put ripe lardy, burn to 6 maturity, roll the fish an egg paste, when putting the bomb in boiler to golden color, go into strainer drop oily. 5. Fry onion is put inside boiler paragraph 2 2, put fish, soy again (9 money) , clear soup of yellow rice or millet wine, white sugar, vinegar, chicken, with small baked wheaten cake half hours are controlled (midway turns over the fish body) , wait for Shang Kuai to burn when working, drench sesame oil, put the fish dish in, green paragraph place in both sides, irrigate the piscine soup in boiler on piscine body again.
■ burden of soup of fish of quick-boil crucian carp: 5The fish of vivid crucian carp of two, bai Luobo 3 2, yellow rice or millet wine 4 money, fine salt 5 minutes, gourmet powder 3 minutes, ripe lardy 1 2, xian Shang 1 jin, pepper 2 minutes, green 1 paragraph, ginger two.
Make a way: 1. Scale of fish of vivid crucian carp is divided branchial, after purify is splanchnic abluent, devoted hot water is ironed slightly, again raze black clothes, blood-red, abluent and stand-by. After white turnip flay, cut a inch of thick silk that grows 5 minutes, after be being boiled with boiling water, float in clear water cold. 2. Boiler burns heat, add ripe lardy, green paragraph, Jiang Pian after summary stir-fry before stewing, fish issueing crucian carp turns over namely after decoct slightly, add wine, clear water (3 two) , the fire that use flourishing is boiled. Foam of float of the take out after boil, issue silk of Xian Shang, turnip, build the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing ten minutes. Add fine salt, gourmet powder again, scatter on pepper is become namely. He Zi
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