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3 little small bag
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3 little small bag

Advocate makings: Tomato patch 300 grams, egg 200 grams, shrimp flesh 100 grams, water hair is holothurian 50 grams, 3 fertilizer stuffing of 7 lean lean 100 grams.
Condiment: Amylaceous 50 grams, pink of soy, salt, chicken, balm each are right amount.
Practice: 1. The egg is put right amount starch is joined in the bowl, apportion becomes skin of 6 pieces of thin eggs, use a diameter next 8 centimeters circle buckles 12 pieces of small cake to reserve;
2. potato cuts the silk that differs into two kinds respectively, take 1/2 to join 3 delicacy to fry mix stuffing, become state of a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top with egg portfolio next, the ornament after drawer evaporate is good becomes pouch state on, place dish a week. After mixing with other burden boil in water for a while after water of scald of silk of the rest potato, pile up it is among dish namely good.
Characteristic: Beautiful sweet thick, slippery tender goluptious.
Li Hongzhi
Chinese cooking Great Master, great Master of Chinese palace dish. Vice-chairman of association of cooking of adviser of association of cooking of province of expert of contribution of culture of food of director of director of Chinese cooking association, seminar of Chinese palace dish, China, Liaoning, Shenyang.
Be achieved " banquet of the Eight Immortals in the legend " , " size dragon banquet " , " inferior carry regale " , " filar road Hua Yuyan " , " banquet of pastry of head of big clear drive " reach " Man Hanquan banquet 12 scene banquet " wait to be awarded gold by food festival early or late.

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