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Cate recommends: Water of strange flavour shrimp boils beef (graph)
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Dry bake strange flavour shrimp
Blame flavour material: Zi of pink of black pepper the five spices like that powdery salt is saccharic mixture agitate reserves equably
Material: Shrimp of hemp of oily sesame oil of cooking wine of ginger green garlic

1.Mincing hemp shrimp washs ginger green garlic beard of shrimp of clean take out and shrimp instep ministry delimit the knife takes out shrimp bowel to reserve;
2.Ginger garlic and hemp shrimp join right amount cooking wine oily sesame oil to mix agitate to bloat 5 minutes equably;
3.Tinfoil shop is on tray oven 180 degrees of warm-up;
4.After tray scatters a chopped green onion, scatter again on a few makings that blame flavour, spread hemp shrimp equably after going up, the surface is scattered on after strange flavour expects, scatter again on chopped green onion;
5.Middle-level of 180 degrees of oven bakes oven 15-20 minute can;
6.Take out tray, can open shrimp agitate equably eat.
Water boils beef
Raw material: Beef, bean sprouts, garlic, ginger, hoosh treasure
Condiment: Chili pink, fabaceous Chi sauce, pink of Chinese prickly ash, chinese prickly ash, salt, give birth to pink, pepper, cooking wine, oily

1, cut beef big, beat a little while with the back of a knife blade like that, change a knife to cut flake again, use salt next, give birth to pink, pepper, cooking wine, oily code flavour bloats be soiled 15 minutes;
2, ginger garlic chop, bean sprouts is rinsed clean reserve;
3, hot pot puts oil, explode finally of sweet ginger garlic, put fabaceous Chi sauce and chili powder, pink of Chinese prickly ash is fried together sweet hind add boiled water;
4, hoosh treasure is joined in water, sufficient agitate, make its and water shirt-sleeve;
5, put bean sprouts, take bean sprouts, molten fish out, put in bowl bottom to reserve;
6, the it is good that be soiled will bloat in the soup toward boiling again ox sliced meat after letting, put, wait for water to open the flesh to become angry can fish out, pour Shang Yi into arenaceous boiler again, chili pink is put to reserve on the flesh again;
7, boiler abluent, put oil next, join Chinese prickly ash, wait for oily heat, fragrance of Chinese prickly ash comes out, can fish out Chinese prickly ash, irrigate hot oil next go up in chili pink can.
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