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Delicious have to conflagration is fried, this is the ancestral recipe of Chines
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Small shop is not fried the taste that gives large store and serving are too slow, often not be chef does not have excellent technology, however fire is not quite big. Dish fries time to grow, all sorts of nutrition destroy prediction of a person's luck in a given year, flavour should be differred of course some.

Derv kitchen can accomplish conflagration, but new set up shop forbids to burn diesel oil. Fire of general kitchen burning gas is not quite big.

Easy switch of this patent product lights graphic representation gas burner: Firepower and derv mess are euqally big, managing fuel expends 20%~50% , light air expenses according to present month calculable go out every months to save how many money.

The burner external form that provides small-sized support is resolute, firepower is unripe fierce, quick worker chef can be used directly. Also install as package at large project hearth.

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