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The worker takes salary year off byelaw
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The first rests to safeguard a worker off right, arouse worker job enthusiasm, according to labor law and officeholder law, enact this ordinance.

Those who have hired worker is individual and unit of company of the 2nd mechanism, organization, enterprise, blame of institution, run by the local people, industrial and commercial a worker that waits for an unit is successive work 1 year of above, enjoy take salary year off (the following abbreviation year off) . The unit ought to make sure the worker is enjoyed year off.

The worker is in year cease enjoy between holiday with regular job during same wage income.

Job of accumulative total of the 3rd worker already resented 1 year 10 years completely, year off 5 days; Already resented 10 years 20 years completely, year off 10 days; Full already 20 years, year off 15 days.

The country is legal and off day, playday not plan enter year of off holiday.

The 4th worker has one of following state, do not enjoy in those days year off:

(One) the worker enjoys cold summer vacation lawfully, its are off over several day years off day counts;

(2) the worker asks accumulative total of leave of absence 20 days above and the unit does not deduct pay according to the regulation;

(3) the worker that accumulative total job resents 1 year 10 years completely, ask sick leave accumulative total of 2 months above; (4) the worker that accumulative total job resents 10 years 20 years completely, ask sick leave accumulative total of 3 months above; (5) accumulative total work is full the worker of 20 years of above, ask sick leave accumulative total of 4 months above.

Basis of the 5th unit the particular case of production, job, consider apiration of duty cost person, arrange a worker as a whole year off.

Year off arrangement can be centered inside a year, OK also section arrangement, general not arrangement of go beyond the year. The unit is necessary truly because of characteristic of production, job go beyond the year arranges a worker year off, can cross arrangement of a year.

The unit cannot arrange a worker to rest because of working need truly year off, classics him worker agrees, worker of OK and disturbed platoon rests year off. To year of off day number that the worker should not rest, unit ought to according to income of this worker daily wages 300% pay year of off salary reward.

Branch of human affairs of government of people of place of above of class of the 6th county, labor ensures a branch to ought to be opposite according to powers and authorities of office the circumstance that the unit carries out this byelaw undertakes actively supervisory checking.

Labor organization upholds year of off right of the worker lawfully.
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