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New rule of print and distribute of Department of Commerce of Ministry of Public
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Place of accommodation, bath should place safety to cover or carry out is covered machine; Hair life and death dies or fall victim patient should appear in the newspaper instantly. Ministry of Public Health, Department of Commerce yesterday print and distribute " sanitation of accommodation course of study is normative " , " bath place sanitation is normative " and " hairdressing beautifies hair spatial sanitation is normative " , to above the sanitation management of 3 industries, standard is managed raise strict requirement, make people goes travel, recreational, hairdressing to beautify hair obtain more and safe safeguard.

The standard puts forward clearly, should place inside room room and place of bathhouse of wash one's hair safety is covered or setting safety covers establishment of put on sale, ought to offer the sickness prophylaxis and treatment such as venereal, AIDS to publicize a data. Place of bath of normative and special requirement is built fair show a system, be opposite namely detect from sanitation of checkup of personnel of course of study and bath place the result ought to be in in time bath place is in markedly to the client fair show. The standard returns a requirement, should produce death or coinstantaneous 3 above (contain 3) when fall victim patient, chief is sending make trouble reason related the place wholesome service of place of report of the 24 calls inside the hour. Any units and individual must not be concealed, contagion of delay newspaper, give false information.

According to introducing, in recent years accommodation, bath, hairdressing beautifies hair etc public developing quickly while, also exposed outstanding sanitation government issue. It is to build, rebuild, of extend public all round existence pollutes a source, spatial water supply, sanitation and setting of alexipharmic establishment design do not accord with wholesome requirement. 2 it is a place sanitation management system is diseased. 3 was before " standard of communal bathroom sanitation " , " standard of sanitation of inn of barber shop, hairdressing " , " standard of sanitation of inn course of study " wait to coach public operator begins sanitation government work hard.

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