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The opinion must be sought before exceeding old restaurant start business
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The reporter came on stage recently from Department of Commerce yesterday " meal enterprise manages a standard " in know, in the standard the area is managed to be in surely first of above of 8000 square metre exceed big wine shop, need the opinion that seeks local trade organization before practice. As we have learned, serve as what ministry of our country head makes in the light of meal enterprise to recommend sexual standard, rose on December 1 this year will carry out formally.

The expert of Chinese cooking association that participates in a standard to make expresses, "Old restaurant " if the business is done not have inside period of time, of dining-room exceed large area to be able to become burden, manpower cost also is not little responsibility, the problem such as safe, sanitation is incidental also. "Old restaurant " practice density also is the issue that needs reasonable standard, so management area is in the local industry should seek to organize before exceeding practice of big wine shop opinion of above of 8000 square metre.

As we have learned, promulgate this the enterprise that the standard of 佈 also applies to all sorts of economy kinds, operator of meal of the requirement in the standard bright show project of business hours, service to wait, and bright show rate.

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