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Ministry of Public Health: Meal course of study will execute sanitation to super
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Carry out to be carried out better " Food Sanitation Law " with the State Council " the decision that works about enhancing food security further " , ministry of Public Health already was in Beijing Haidian respectively area, tianjin city, city of Jiangsu peaceful state, ginger lasher city, zhejiang visits Hangzhou town, henan visits Luoyang town, hubei visits Wuhan town, city of Hainan province big talk, 3 inferior city, 10 areas such as Sichuan province the Chengdu City begin meal unit wholesome supervisory state of affairs is public show a system pilot job; This one system still will be pushed to the whole nation stage by stage.

Sanitation of meal course of study is supervised fair showing a system is to be on daily and wholesome supervisory foundation, system of the wholesome licence of the unit, wholesome to meal management, wholesome administrator, from health of personnel of course of study quality of proof, food reachs label sanitation of process of treatment of label, food defends, sanitation of treatment place environment, meal is provided clean disinfection, main raw material, the basis checks a result, make " wholesome in order " , " wholesome situation is general " , " wholesome condition is poorer " evaluation conclusion, use respectively " smiling face " , " without expression " , " bitter face " mark of form of 3 kinds of faces gives indicative.

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