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Department of Commerce promulgates 佈 " meal enterprise manages a standard " car
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After, opening restaurant may not be " anyhow " thing. Department of Commerce promulgated on July 31 佈 " meal enterprise manages a standard " , will apply at rising on December 1. But its are carried out whether compulsively have not decide.

This standard entrusts Chinese cooking association to draft by Department of Commerce, to meal course of study wait for formulate from safety of job seniority, food, management strict admittance doorsill and administrative measure, but detailed rules returns not fair 佈 .

Yesterday, the reporter is called in boil assist chief Xu Yunfei knows relevant detail related the group of deputy secretary-general border area and standard that draft. Frontier says, at present normative executive detailed rules is approving phase at ultimate reply, specific content of will fair recently 佈 . The standard is by commerce director branch is carried out or association is carried out, it is to enforce to carry out or be popularized carry out, still also had needed ability a few days to decide.

Xu Yunfei expresses, the standard is to be aimed at high speed of current meal course of study to grow but exist generally again the site is much and medicinal powder, scope is little and random, occupation standard is short of break, business management safety of non-standard, food highlight a problem and of formulate.

He discloses, standard roughly demarcate problem of heat of energy-saving and meal industry environmental protection, managing standard, society is answered etc the 6 admittance of liberal side and run a standard. Among them, the be recruited of restaurant start business that restricts cafeteria to use one-time wood chopsticks, management controller to must have professional handler aptitude, more than 7000 square metre begs guild opinion to wait is to list first.

In boil assist Lu Yongliang of president of hotel of Chu Tianlu of vice-chairman, Wuhan points out, this standard is domestic meal bound involves the widest, article at present the most detailed an industry sex is normative. Wuhan is of all kinds now meal company is close 40 thousand, among them close half the number is medium or small cafeteria, if press new standard to be carried out compulsively, the likelihood has quite big the cafeteria of a batch of small-sized, management disorders can wash out a bureau.

It is reported, with " meal enterprise manages a standard " promulgate with day of 佈 still have " the energy-saving requirement of refrigeration of air conditioning of large market, supermarket " , " primary food giving birth to delicacy deserves to send good operation the standard " wait for occupation standard of 11 inland trade, all will apply at rising on December 1 this year.

" " " Wuhan meal course of study comments new rule
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