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Meal management standard will be carried out did not involve wine water issue
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Department of Commerce releases an information yesterday, the energy-saving requirement of refrigeration of air conditioning of standard of battalion of already of meal look forward to, large market, supermarket, primary food giving birth to delicacy deserves to send good operation major of standard, home appliance inn manages a standard to wait for occupation standard of 12 inland trade will nowadays year carry out since December 1.

Reporter yesterday from be in charge of editing " meal enterprise manages a standard " department of trade of Chinese cooking association understands, this association already was opposite jointly with concerned branch this year in March of this standard send go over a manuscript or draft undertook relevant edit, report concerned branch. According to introducing, the aptitude that the content that the standard involves basically has meal company, field, establishment, sanitation reachs a few issues of follow-up processing. Whether does such as client have authority to was not involved from the clause of and so on of the water that take wine.

Last year, " enterprise of Yunnan province meal manages a standard (try out) " during Yunnan try out, "Meal enterprise has authority to refuse or accept consumer to enter dining-room to enjoy from the water that take wine and food, if allow to be taken oneself, the service with corresponding collection having right is expended " wait for a regulation, aroused controversy. To this, border area of deputy secretary-general of Chinese cooking association expresses this castigatory " meal enterprise manages a standard " without any relations, also won't previously person as consult.

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