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Beijing will come on stage " criterion for evaluation of rustic public house "
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The reporter understood from Beijing tourism bureau yesterday, in Chang Ping the area undertakes " criterion for evaluation of rustic public house " on the foundation of pilot job, " criterion for evaluation of rustic public house " the staff job of first draft has been finished, passed the evaluation of expert group yesterday, hopeful of formal criterion for evaluation comes on stage at the near future.

According to Beijing tourism bureau relevant controller introduces, "Rustic public house " it is the brand-new idea that Beijing tourism bureau swims to make the 2nd acting country and advances. From this year the beginning of the year begins, beijing tourism bureau undertook in prosperous smooth area " criterion for evaluation of rustic public house " pilot job. Bureau of tourism of prosperous smooth area is below the assistance of city tourism bureau and expert group, collect of the many spot survey that passes guesthouse of existing to this area folk-custom, data, visit understanding, convention of referenced international was finished " criterion for evaluation of rustic public house " the work out of first draft works. native place function of wild rural accommodation has system and the job that study quite in the round this kind, still belong to in domestic travel research first.

As we have learned, key of Beijing countryside travel developed the construction of rustic travel demonstrative dot 2007, do one's best carries the state of new-style course of study that develops rustic tourism, to having 7923 city class folk-custom door is mixed in dimensions promotion has on class. Current, of Chang Ping " rustic public house " , of Yan Qing " landscape other people " , conciliatory " garden of full countryside hedge " , tell a state " recreational and manorial " , of close cloud " zoology fishing village " wait for countryside of a batch of delegate Beijing to travel of new-style industry condition set an example, meanwhile city tourism bureau also is in in the light of these new-style course of study voice is drafted and establish relative standard jointly with relevant area county.

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