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Always 4 in " experience of management of 5 constant laws will blossom in the ro
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The ground has seeper staff member to be able to wear rain boot exercise only, tableware is put without foreword draw fly, the common fault of these average dining rooms and always the dining room of school of 4 middle schools is isolated from. Place in everybody before is: Clean and dry neat ground, dining room staff member wears cloth shoe to be able to work. The public dinner service inside alexipharmic ark is put orderly, the tableware that because just was disinfected,ends still is heated up so that warm a hand. 24 days, city sanitation supervises place to execute the law personnel praises, always 4 in the wholesome state that the dining room allows a person this kind to be at ease does not see more.

Always 4 medium responsible managing Introduction Lin Guangyuan of the dining room, this school is in school teachers and students many 1800, every eat heats the dining room the dish form that give not less than 18. For food safety, the vegetable that a pitch on wants before the school is purchasing vegetable sends detect, detect only eligible vegetable ability can be purchased. Before serve a meal, the dining room can leave each food the sample of not less than 150 grams, in 0 -- remain after deduction of 11 ℃ condition puts 48 hours of above, when producing accident situation with equipment, detect. Each vegetable has the full name that deserves to send a person, telephone call, so that contact. Not long ago, the school was held " the parent opens day " activity, ask parent of entire school student to be in school dining room is free repast. They are spent to the satisfaction of the dining room in 95% above.

Food safety was at ease, dish price how? The son that citizen moustache builds reads Yu Sizhong. Introduce according to him, the board expense of a semester costs the son to still be less than 500 yuan. Just began him to still fear the son is too managing grow to the body adverse, but the son tells him in dining room repast one element needs one meat or fish only 2 yuan of money. "Low-cost, repast environment is easy, I need not fear the son can run to outside school chaos to shop take bad gut. " he says gladly.

As we have learned, always 4 in the food safety profit from that lets a person be at ease " 5 constant laws " management. "5 constant laws " often organize namely, often rectify, Chang Qingjie, groovy Fan Hechang controls oneself. "Should with do not share clear, after be being used first, use share clear, much with little share clear, each one duty shares clear, put the position to share clear " it is sanitation supervises a staff member to be opposite " 5 constant laws " wraparound. Accomplish these 5 " share clear " , can make sure meal enterprise sanitation does not have Chang Xianchang of blind angle, food to use, kitchen area responsibility 100% enclothe.

The deputy mayor Yu Fucai of safety of food of campus of the examination that head a group expresses, at present 95% above of our city learn school office to have a dining room, among them 5 schools already began to carry out " 5 constant laws " management. From the examination each school case is mirrorred. Did not use " 5 constant laws " campus food safety of management exists card of wholesome state difference, all alone is not congruent problem. "5 constant laws " management will be popularized in whole town campus next.
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