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Meal plays " change personally "
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On road of Lhasa city Lin Kuo north, have the Xinjiang noodle shop with a few unusually hot businesses, the chicken of the Xinjiang noodles served with soy sauce that makes in noodle shop, grail, hotpot that bake is strung together etc get of Lhasa citizen love. The gust food of Xinjiang is welcomed in Tibet, besides the dietary habit that accords with Tibetan dweller, returned ground of adjust measures to local conditions to do a few improved. It is with Xinjiang grail chicken exemple, the potato in the grail chicken of raw ingredient should be stewed, but arrived Tibetan potato changed deepfry, suit here person to like the taste of deepfry food. This kind of meal that caters to local food habit is timely " change personally " , make Xinjiang traditional food visits the throughout the country, last long. The hotpot of Xinjiang is strung together, grail chicken is peremptory became Xinjiang food culture " pronominal " , " food bright piece " .

Like be the same as Xinjiang, tibet also is area of minority border area, enthusiasm hides a nation hospitably, in endless flow of history of a few chiliad, shaped distinctive and bright humanitarian culture, among them, culture Tibetan food has important place in hiding ethical culture. Tibetan eat is having long history and bright distinguishing feature, tea of flesh of airing flocks and herds, roasted qingke barley flour, ghee and highland barley wine are the fascia that stores food, after blueness hides railroad be open to traffic, drove the bitter fleabane break out of Tibetan tourism to exhibit directly, the contact of Tibet and inland is more intimate, why to hide eat well-knownly to did not play an effect however? How can you let store food also walk out of native land blossom everywhere like Xinjiang grail chicken? This is be worth our soul-searching question.

Meal course of study is a kind of culture, the concentration that also is affinity of a place and consequence is behaved. Communicate in global culture increasingly frequent today, pizza of department of birthday of Mcdonald's, Kendeji, Japan, Italy infiltrates in succession Chinese market. The meal culture of our country mainland also presents a rich picture. Why does Sichuan chaffy dish, northeast boiled dumpling open countrywide each district, its experience and practice are worth Tibet to hide food industry to draw lessons from.

The author thinks, want to make the tradition hides eat to walk out of highland, itself Tibetan food also is needed " change personally " , undertake reforming appropriately.

Above all, tibetan eat open flavour of finished product of a characteristic, form, walk out of Tibet, cannot leave to hide the resource conformity of eat to the tradition. Condiment Tibetan food is multi-purpose hot, acerbity, flavor of put sb in a very important position, have similar place with plain dish, the elite inside plain dish can be mixed for be being drawn lessons from directly study. In the meantime, the dish of integrated Tibet eat is tasted, dish type, how much, defend and other places of Tibet, Kang Ba the meal resource of different style is collected, arrange, made wonderful confused is shown, phyletic and various.
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