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The hotel serves the part pressure of personnel
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The hotel serves the part pressure of personnel

"I assure to leave 3 meters of my far guests to show to each in order to smile. "This kind of method is in the service really very effective.

However, service personnel often also faces the part pressure that all sorts of conflict cause in the job. because such, when shaping hotel company culture, be in most the service personnel of basic level is decisive one annulus, its service process and the actor bad that the service decides to serve quality directly as a result.

In the world " of give somebody a new lease on life of flow of " of popular give somebody a new lease on life of alleged " business, " , " changes administrative " waits act a moment, begin from the quality that models basic level to serve personnel above all. How to plant this motivation of part pressure translate into? What kind of service concept should we foster? These problems often make hotel managers great nerve-racking.

The origin of part pressure

Service personnel often encounters various pressure in servive routine, processing is bad to can create exhaustion of service personnel spirit, job the dissatisfactory, self-identity feeling to restaurant and attributive feeling drop, provide inferior service to the client even, affected the reputation of restaurant thereby, weakened the market competition ability of restaurant. These part pressure basically come from the following respects.

Affection pressure

Serving what personnel is engaged in is affection sex job, they should are opposite unfamiliar, the client smile that also does not see again even, care that uses sincerity of eyes contact, expression, have friendly conversation. Friendly to the client, courteous, move affection, sensitive etc is the postulate that does good servive routine. Service personnel works for effective ground, often must depress oneself real feeling, even if the mood that also must adjust oneself in time when the mood is bad, provide excellent service for the client. Because this service personnel faces greater affection pressure.

The pressure service staff that part requirement and conflict of individual character characteristic bring often encounters restaurant in the job or the client asks to conflict with what him belief, viewpoint of value, individual character likes to its. Right certain advocate for equality and free service personnel, ? The job below the " credo that Quot; client always is opposite faces greater pressure. The self-respect that the part asks and serves personnel sometimes, self-image is afoul. For example: In a few dining-room, personnel of service of some customers demand wears what dress or change certain and outside image in order to suit servive routine; The female undergraduate that if love to leave amice to grow particularly,sends again goes guesthouse works, when guesthouse asks its work, will grow hair dish rise or cut unified short hairstyle, this female undergraduate can feel new role requirement and the pressure that like conflict.
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