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Duty of post of manager of guest room department
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Duty of post of manager of guest room department

1, participate in general manager to be opposite guest room ministry of policy of management field policy and plan make the work and be in charge of an organization carrying out, be in charge of to general manager.

2, be in charge of supervising and urge, work the each regulations system that coachs the employee of guest room ministry abides by hotel and branch strictly, strictly according to post flow and service standard carry out a service, can obtain first-rate job result in order to ensure, maintain the groove of the job such as administration of guest room department, service and sanitation.

3, supervise and urge, directive, examination, groom canal of the floor director of guest room ministry, washhouse, storehouse, public section (the administrator such as PA) foreman carries out system of post responsibility and the circumstance that implement each guiding principle, policy and plan, put forward a cadre to appoint and dismiss the opinion with respect of employee rewards and punishment and proposal to general manager regularly.

4, room of responsible examination honoured guest, greet send the honoured guest, guest that visits sicken and grow guest, be in charge of those who accept guest complaining, remove the undesirable effect that produces possibly hard, the good figure of the hotel is established in guest.

5, everyday perambulatory selective examination to the cadre door such as guest room is in charge of administrative area and had made concerned record, the attention collects each opinion of guest and requirement, so that discover a problem in time, improve the work ceaselessly, raise service level.

6, ministry of responsible and harmonious guest room works each, related to each sectional manager does well the job is communicated with cooperate, notice to strengthen with the connection between hotel industry person of the same trade and communication.

7, be in charge of supervising and urge, the safe fire prevention inside section of administration of department of examination guest room works, strengthen about groom, ensure offset of every employee inside the branch prevents the familiar understanding of lash-up measure, cooperate security ministry actively to carry channel of all fire control straightway, fire control appliance is intact, assure the safety of guest life and guest room belongings.

8, supervise, ministry of guest room of examination, control of all sorts of article, things use up and the use circumstance of all sorts of facilities facilities, the processing circumstance of guest bequeath article, and the memory of the management of of all kinds forms for reporting statistics and archives data works, be in charge of the one-year budget according to door of the cadre that finish.
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