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Meal inn does great management skill
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To in small investor, be afraid without what industry more absorbing than meal course of study. Invest first but can small, can manage independently already, also but affiliation, join in; Investment cycle is second short, get effective fast, make set out on a journey, a few years short time, can finish arrive from only store the whole development process of chain, accomplish the rapid appreciation of capital; 3 thresholds are not high, freely of advance and retreat. Accordingly, do meal to also be become numerous the optimal choice that the person that do poineering work does poineering work first. .

However, any profession is a knowledge, saying says " difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart " , meal course of study is not an imagination in so simple. Numerous " layman " after emerging to meal course of study, can be tasted with can passing distinctive course very quickly probably and originality holds customer, but continue very hard however to enlarge an influence subsequently, walk along dimensions to turn development argument. Not only sigh with regret, the water of meal course of study is too deep.

It is difficult to do poineering work, safeguard one's heritage is more difficult, and make the career do greatly strong more extremely difficult. The person that do poineering work can depend on distinct product advantage, a way of a blood is fought in the crack of the market, but often stand firm to still do not have a few years, by group the follow the lead of that rise, competition, sham agitate is gotten terribly defeated, or in the mud that one foot steps on to expand wrong investment, blindly, again also hard extricate oneself.

Does the water of meal course of study have many deep? Someone says: Academic the person that agrees to work, do 3 years of ability to calculate an introduction; Want to should swing palmar ark, do not go out to had to close in March. A cafeteria, arrive from optional location practice, arrive from the service purchase, from order dishes to receive silver, involve too much knowledge and detail. Any detail occurrence careless mistake, a landmine is buried on the argument that can turn development toward dimensions in you. Landmine is more, hidden trouble is bigger.

We pass pair of a few home companies inside meal course of study dog and investigate, it is the person that do poineering work to unscramble the management law with meal underlying business, mining meal course of study makes the sale that makes strong place need greatly skill and management method, take a reader to comprehend the management difficulty of this industry personally, the hidden trouble that probes any likelihoods to appear and effective settlement method, make operator spans thereby the danger that grow, search make old way. Although the article is key link with the management case of meal course of study, but among them a lot of gimmick can be used in other industry. Want operator to join his originality only, try to apply neatly, big development can be expected soon.
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