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The kitchen purchases the option of personnel
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Purchase what personnel says again in meal course of study to call " buy " . Cafeteria in run " into " , " annul " , " put " in 3 big jobs, the job of replenish onr's stock that purchase takes its first place. Purchase it is thus clear that in cafeteria the located position in managing is how essential. .

The equipment in every cafeteria, tableware, things, raw material, dressing and smoke, wine is waited a moment, do not have one exception to all cannot leave the job that purchases personnel. Because this needs a batch to have practice experience already more, have working level again, can hard-working, of willingly bear the burden of hard works purchase personnel. With their intelligence an wisdom, use science purchase a method, make contribution for the enterprise. Purchase personnel buy, supply the job to do how, can affect the manufacturing cost of whole industry and economic benefits directly.

Cafeteria should purchase much raw material and other goods from the market every day, how to get the price reasonable, quality is excellent, utmost ground reduces a variety of small accident in purchasing a process, besides outside firm dies to catch with regulations system on management, choose purchase personnel to also should be engaged in cautiously, also should take effective measures, hold to the primary quality to buyer and requirement.

(1) purchases personnel to must be person faithfulness simple minded, style is decent, be practical and realistic, keep the public interest in mind of at every turn.

(2) purchases personnel to should have deep love for own job, serious and responsible, do not be afraid of bear hardships, of one mind is fair, finish can satisfactory and outstandingly purchase man to make.

(3) job is dependable, business is perfectness, richer commodity, raw material differentiates ability and knowledge. Can master the producing area of all sorts of raw material, norms, quality more adroitly. Of the choice to relatively rich raw material, price and raw material go out to lead master clearly. Know industry business greatly, can cooperate tacit understanding with chef.

(4) purchases personnel to want to have medium of communication of extensive supply of goods, capability of social activity ability, meet an emergency is stronger, have the capacity that supplies general raw material and in short supply raw material in time. Assure to supply applicable, timely, right amount. Accomplish an enterprise not be in short supply, not goods of keep long in stock, make sure a gleam of runs normally.

(5) purchases personnel to should carry out the regulations inside concerned course of study and discipline of finance and economics strictly, have certain policy level and legal knowledge. Not divert reserves capital and turn Zhang check makes him additionally use. All ready of Zhang Wu formalities, maintain industry economy interest, finish good own job hard.
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