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Cold food makes post obligation
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1 obedient foreman is arranged, finish the working job that day. .

2, the banquet that finish, group, the cold food treatment 0 o'clock is made reach outfit dish.

3, the raw material of the affection that press a guest that get and treatment semi-finished products, had made all sorts of cold food by norms, quality.

4, install by norms dish, will ripe make deserve to take indispensible thick gravy and spice, by order dishes to give food in time orderly.

5, according to guest affection sheet, banquet menu, check breed and amount, be in charge of putting an end to wrong sheet and leakage sheet.

6, appropriate reachs spice with cold food of use the rest surely.

7, hold to " 3 disinfection " and " one departure " system, the cleanness that holds section of working station sanitation is wholesome.

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