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The link of a few crux that room room manages
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Above all, the kitchen should have been caught purchase replenish onr's stock to close. Purchasing replenish onr's stock is the first link of process of meal product production, also be the first link of cost sex. Difference of because sort of product raw material is various, seasonal strong, character is big, among them quality of replenish onr's stock direct the only material rate with raw material is concerned, purchase replenish onr's stock to have very main effect to reducing dietary product cost so. Hutch Wu personnel should according to purchase a requirement certainly to undertake scientificly purchasing replenish onr's stock, if breed is right slightly, quality admirable, price reasonable, amount is proper, arrive punctual, proof is all ready etc.

Next, strengthen a deposit to keep. The deposit is pilot of meal product cost surely important segment. If the deposit is custodial undeserved, the degenerative or missing, damage that can cause raw material, of the addition that causes food cost and profit decrease. Accordingly, do the deposit of good raw material and custodial work without fail. After food raw material is purchased, answer to put different storehouse respectively according to category of kinds or types of goods and function, store below proper temperature. Food raw material is pressed store characteristic, general component is two kinds: One kind is the raw material that can store for a long time, wait like grain, oily, candy, potted, dried food; Another kind is unfavorable and long-term the fresh foods raw material that store. To the first kind, want to be deposited respectively according to the classification of raw material and characteristic of quality of a material, the attention is ventilated with sanitation, prevent eat by moth of mildew and rot, degenerative, bug and rat to bite. To the 2nd kind, do not want put in storage to store normally, should get by the kitchen directly with. Sex of effectiveness for a given period of time of this kind of raw material is big, want special attention to be entered frequently sell quickly, in order to make sure kinds or types of goods is fresh. In addition, should build each to store custodial system, storehouse or custodial branch must be accomplished check and accept exact tally, strictly, seasonable hair makings, at any time examination, fixed check.

The 3rd, raise operation level, control raw material cost. On one hand, want to raise processing technique, do well of raw material use integratedly. In rough machining process, answer to undertake strictly machining according to formulary operating sequence and requirement, achieve and maintain due only material to lead. Among them, should reclaim as far as possible to the part of the eliminate in rough machining process use, raise the cost of raw material; Cutting in matching a course, should the actual condition according to raw material, accomplish material all in one piece for a given job to rectify with, aniseed is used greatly, little material is little with, and use integratedly to leftover pieces. The specification that provides strictly beforehand according to the product, quality undertakes distributing food, both neither can match more or match less, also cannot shoddy. Cannot catch by experience conveniently, do one's best assures the norms that dish nods and quality. On the other hand, improve cooking technology, make sure dish nods quality. In cooking process, should strict according to the dressing dosage with corresponding product the standard undertakes throwing, this makes the cost of the product exact not only, more important is the stability of the norms that assures a product, quality; Advocate one boiler a kind, only dish is done only; Operate strictly according to operation accumulation, had mastered cook time and igneous Hou, improve cooking technology, reasonable cast makings, do one's best does not go out or give waste product less, close good quality; Still answer in cooking process managing fuel, so that reduce fuel cost effectively.
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