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Kitchen " 3.1 line " administer a law
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What we say " at 3 o'clock " be: Chopping block, dozen carry on one's shoulder or back and fry pan. .

Chopping block is the first station in the whole dish process that make, it is the base that whole dish makes, the working content inside its limits is very important. Main job has: Of raw material go up hair, of raw material machine first, the quality of a material of raw material detects, of the basic conpatibility of medicines of dish and raw material wait surely, control cost:

(1) goes up appropriately according to the management circumstance that day the raw material of the need that send place. Go up hair raw material has igneous hair, water hair, alkaline hair, oily hair to wait for a variety of going up to send a means, according to raw material circumstance, optional choose goes up appropriately hair method.

(Treatment of 2) raw material can be decided according to managing a case, can process a trivaller raw material appropriately before serving, for instance: Silk of scalloped pork or lamb kidneys, squid, snail piece, can increase the speed of serving and resource of economic labor power.

(3) is special in summer, easy worthless raw material must be checked every day, rot in case degenerative. Handle instantly like what have putrefaction, general 3 days of above person not easy reuse, accomplish diligent examination.

(The conpatibility of medicines of 4) dish has immediate effect to dish quality discretion, do not use unqualified raw material to undertake conpatibility of medicines, undertake conpatibility of medicines according to the requirement of the quality of dish, cannot jerry, cannot be short of more jin short two with the activity that is engaged in harming consumer interest.

(5) raw material has the branch of semi-manufactured goods and raw raw material, ripe raw material, to prevent the bacterium in them pollution should adopt classified segregation, there still is unfavorable and refrigerant raw material among them, must deposit alone. When raw raw material is deposited one case, must deposit according to sort, for instance: Ox, hotpot and pork, because hotpot is hernial flavour is bigger, answer to be deposited alone. Semi-manufactured goods had better be to be put last inside ark, the quality of a material that can carry semi-manufactured goods is changeless. Familiar products can heat on time in summer the effect that achieves stability of quality of a material. Familiar products is OK and refrigerant but cannot refrigerant time is too long.

(6) control cost is the main demand of personnel of every chopping block, undertake strictly operating according to cost accounting, put an end to wasteful raw material, want the cost know sth like the palm of one's hand to every dish, control the on any account of wool interest rate, achieve the most cost-effective goal.
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