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Cate kitchen teachs your dish unripe sweet recipe
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The stand or fall of dishful dish, the fragrance of dish often is having conclusive effect, can letting us produce appetitive of hungry feeling, trice is the aroma be caused by because of dish mostly. However we are in cook the flesh such as chicken, duck, pig, sheep, ox, fish, shellfish kind accession, or when cooking horn of potato, Chinese cabbage, beans, bean curd to wait for the raw material that does not have fragrance, if do not put some of flavor, or processing is bad, made cooked food not only without aroma, the peculiar smell such as the raw meat or fish in raw material, foul smell, the smell of mutton still can spill over. How to become the raw material that does not have aroma have sweet smell, let dish more is aroma tangy? Look below whether to add popular way to be opposite are you helpful? ?

Borrow popular way

Raw material itself does not have fragrance, also do not have peculiar smell, want to cook a fragrance, borrow only sweet. For instance a lot of dried food such as holothurian, squid, bird's nest, when be machined first, all previous is boiled via oily hair, water, repeatedly full, although itself nutrition is rich, but has volatile fragrance matrix is very small, reason all few and insipidity. The fragrance of dish has only from other raw material or flavor go borrowing in flavor. Borrow popular method to have two kinds commonly: It is to make appliance has volatile Xin Xiang condiment to come boiler of boil in water for a while, borrow sweet purpose in order to achieve. 2 it is a Xin Xiang condiment and birds, flesh kind (or its Xian Shang) in be being put in boiler together, heat, borrow sweet purpose in order to achieve. When these two kinds of methods provide gymnastics to make, a lot of personages that understand some of culinary art quite, the cook that has experience especially people, often lend popular method union to rise two kinds use, because can make fragrance more full-bodied so.

Add up to popular way

Although raw material itself has some of fragrance matrix, but content inadequacy is too onefold perhaps, add up to raw material and its raw material or condiment together boil is boiled, this method is called " close sweet " .

For example, cook animal sex raw material, often want to join right amount plant sex raw material. Such doing, not only in nutrition complementary respect has profit very much, and still can make all sorts of fragrance matrix are heating dissolve of the be in harmony in the process, Yang Yi, send out a more rich compound sex fragrance.

The fleshy little taste in animal sex raw material volatilizes matrix inosinic acid, glutamic acid with plant sex raw material acid of adenosine of glutamic acid of medium little taste main body, one phosphoric acid, Wu Gan, when heat, can decompose quickly simultaneously, agglutinate arises in volatilize, form the aggregate group that has compound sex sweet smell, namely what we say close sweet mixture put oneself in another's position.
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