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Taylor Hotel, opened in Jiangmen
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December 18, Jiangmen Hotel grand opening in Taylor, the Taylor Investment Holdings Co., Ltd., Jiangmen Hotel Taylor nearly 400 people attended the opening ceremony. It is understood that the Taylor Hotel Management Co., Ltd. headquartered in Shenzhen, is a cross-regional and international hotel management company, which has a great hotel service industry management background, with extensive hotel management by Experienced team of experts. In Taylor Holding Co., Ltd. is a financial investment, real estate development, property, hotel and leisure and entertainment industry in a large joint-stock enterprises, companies with real estate development, hotel investment and operation-oriented industries, To property management and support services for the leisure and entertainment industry, the formation of the enterprise integrated development pattern. The company's goal is to enhance the real estate development and hotel management market competitiveness as an opportunity to further accelerate the development of group management Cutting, building efficiency and sustainable development of large enterprise groups. At the opening ceremony of Shenzhen in the Taylor Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Jiangmen responsible person in the development of Taylor Hotel, high hopes: "Taylor Jiangmen hotel has 208 sets of rooms to meet different customer Requirements, including the layout of Bedroom, with a total area of more than 70 square meters. Business suites decorated apartment elegant, spacious and comfortable, warm like home. Each hotel room is equipped with personal safe, refrigerator, ultra-thin satellite TV, Around the clock free internet, free local telephone service, direct drinking water systems. The second floor of the hotel has function rooms, advanced facilities. Thirteen self-service hotel restaurant, offers a taste of authentic international cuisine. Chinese luxury rooms on the top floor of Yan Bao Chi franchised and private kitchens Need, elegant and comfortable environment. Taylor hopes Jiangmen Hotel Group has consistently uphold the purpose of the operation, Taylor will be in the hotel business into a first class Hotel, Jiangmen . "

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