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Zhumadian stole a hotel security to shoot a monitored customer jacket is the
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Hotel Security Kwak, enthusiasm "helped" drunken customers, customer stole something. In the camera, the security Why so bold? Yesterday, Mr. Kwak was Jingfangxingju security. He regretted to say: "Monitoring and when they fix it ... ... knew monitor repaired, give me some courage I could not steal." The day before yesterday afternoon, members of the public Kuangxian Sheng Zhumadian City to West Park police station, said the first night in a civilized way of a large hotel, drunk, woke up the next day and found the upper body without a jacket, carry 1.3 million in cash, Apple brand mobile phone, worth 2,000 yuan bath consumer cards are gone. Police immediately to the hotel, collect surveillance video viewing, I saw at 23:39 on the 8th, a security arm with a drunk who came to the first floor hall, the hall will be drunk on the sofa to help, then help the Take off the coat in his hand. Then, take the jacket turned off into the elevator door security, such as the elevator began to flip the hands of the coat, after half a minute into the elevator. 11:42, the security appears in the second floor corridor, he has put on a jacket drunk, not when playing with the phone. "Intoxicated persons, that is me." See the video Kuangxian Sheng said. Hotel staff said the video security surnamed Guo. Security manager, said: Guomou Gang resigned. Subsequently, the police let the hotel security manager to play Mr. Kwak's phone, pretended to resign incomplete reporting procedures to supplement him. 9 at 4 pm, arrived Kwak unsuspecting hotel, was arrested.

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