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Xiamen two years will rise up into the high-end tourist hotels are fully booked
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"This year is really a dream come true." Unwilling to disclose the names of Xiamen, a public relations manager for high-end hotels so describe this year's market. Reporter learned yesterday from the major travel agencies in Xiamen, Xiamen to open later this year to the annual meeting of business last year has jumped by more than 2 percent, the high-end hotel from the beginning to the end of the year Wang, before the end of January next year, the rooms have been booked for the basic the. Zhu Wenjun began as where to find rooms and a headache, she was in Xiamen China Comfort Travel Service, general manager of the Ministry of Tourism. Every two years late, anxious to find rooms to let her get angry, but this year more upset than usual. Holding her hands in many businesses to open in Xiamen will be the order, but can not find high-end hotels. Select Xiamen, Hainan affected "FAW's two brands, a medicine in the year-end meetings late this month over November, December and next January, so that number several hundred thousand people every month who will be 3 years, 4. "Zhu Wenjun is simply pain and happiness," to number one hundred people, Jishihaoren the annual meeting even more. " According to Zhu Wenjun forecast from last year will be a large project in the busy business, and this year is hot, this should be higher than 2 percent over the same period last year or so. "One is to become an international tourist island of Hainan after the price increases a lot, and many enterprises have been, and this year will certainly have to consider changing place; the other hand, led some companies to abandon the affected Hainan as the annual host, choose Xiamen climate more suitable. "And he said" Beautiful day "high-end hotel public relations manager, said that because of the traffic moving car after the opening of convenience and above, high-end hotel occupancy rate for a whole year busy. "The next 2 months, or both banquet rooms are full to the brim of the listing." Zhu Wenjun said. This situation, letting Zhu Wenjun particularly helpless. "A meeting of hundreds of people, I'm looking for several high-end hotels are arranged, added a lot of cost and labor. There are many hands have not received the list, there is no room robbed." She said, "can only look forward to the other two five-star hotel brand, opened as soon as possible, to solve the room pressure." Season tickets are not cheap to go to Xiamen Because the large market of Mong will make in the low season, from airline tickets to Xiamen and other cities are contrarian up. Search engine news from the ticket to see, early December flight from Xiamen to Shanghai's special not only 99 votes, a special ticket discount is also two fold out a lot, but to fly from Shanghai to Xiamen, but few tickets have less than 5 discount fares. In addition, Beijing, Ningbo, Taiyuan, Shenyang, airfares to Xiamen, but also with ticket prices travel from Xiamen to form a "冰火两重天" the posture, filled out the special ticket to fly to Xiamen votes prices remained at almost 5 fold or more, or even 5 discount airline ticket amount is quite small. "It would be great on almost all of the chain effect brought wang." Xiamen, an aviation industry told reporters, "This year, airlines are making big Xiamen, and even then make sure the end of this year a, double performance may have more than. "

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