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The first super five-star Westin Hotel in Wuhan
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Westin Hotel (Westin), a lock of the U.S. high-end consumer group international chain hotel brand, is a global partner Wanda Group, Westin Hotels around the world are rated as five star by the local authorities Or more of the hotel. In China Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Macau Westin Hotel, is the flagship of the local high-end hotels. One of the three major U.S. hotel giant Starwood's most established hotel brand, has created a lot of attention for the world's first, launched in 1999 features the history of the first bed, which has become a symbol of products, "Heavenly Bed , "In the world in 2007 became the first all-room hotel spa hotel and many other great event, and achievements of the ranks of Westin hotels in the forefront of the world, but also become the preferred high-level of consumer groups Like.

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