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Shaoxing hotel industry into the Five Star era
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17, New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing officially awarded five-star, became the fourth city, the city's sixth five-star hotel. Reporters that, following the Shaoxing New Century, the next 2 to 3 years, Radisson Markham Shangyu, Zhuji Yaojiang New Century and a number of hotels are expected to extract "Five Star" title, which means Shaoxing hotel industry has entered a "star" era.

"New Century has formally entered a 'star' ranks, the number of five-star hotels the city has the third highest in the province around the city, this result is not simple ah!" City Tourism Committee relevant person in charge told us that in the last century 90 years ago, Shaoxing, the hotel industry in a very long time are in a low grade, weak, slow the pace of the state. Until the successive removal of the "China Excellent Tourism City," "National Garden City" and a few gold medals, Shaoxing, accelerated the pace of development of tourism, hotel industry has also played a piece of music quickly developed.

First Shaoxing International Hotel, Xian Heng Hotel, have been knocking on "star" the door, followed by Shaoxing hotels, and now, with the New Century Grand Hotel Shaoxing reported five-star success, another group of hotels from the "star" of the road is getting closer. City Tourism Commission official says that at present, Shangyu Radisson, Yaojiang Kaiyuan has been through the "Five Star" provincial assessment, the National Tourism Administration is awaiting the arrival of star rating group, while the new world and a number of Xianheng built in accordance with the standard five-star hotels are also expected to open in Shaoxing. It can be said, Shaoxing hotel industry has entered a "star" era.

More and more the birth of five-star hotel, to bring the city of Shaoxing, what? The industry believes that, before the five-star hotel for less Shaoxing in Shaoxing foreign investors to do business, meetings, dinners and so often went to Hangzhou and Shanghai, the luxury hotel, now, this part of the consumer groups basically remained in Shaoxing. Meanwhile, the five-star hotel has its own set of marketing mode, the hotel through participation in various international and domestic promotion, exhibition for self-promotion, in the marketing of the hotel itself but also to promote the tourism resources of Shaoxing. More importantly, the five-star hotels increased reputation for enhancing the city to build the image of tourist city of Shaoxing, there is a very important significance.

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