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Na Ruidi: Industry of country false hotel is in in 3 inferior arisen
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3 inferior happy event will ascend go vacationing hotel

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"Hello, 3 inferior! " be appointed to be after be fond of director of director of district of Hainan of the group that amount to house, the means that Na Ruidi still is used to using formula of his that fascia and person let sb know.

Na Ruidi is in 3 inferior inferior Long Wan happy event will enter a public house 5 years " chamberlain " experience, let this hotel become not only happy event the group that amount to house is subordinate and famous one of hotels with degree of highest, first-class service advantage, also make directly be fond of the group that amount to house to take the lead in establishing China in Hainan " the 2nd base " . Na Ruidi says, for group of management of top class to the world hotel, 3 inferior it is ground of a treasure undoubtedly.

"Generation a general term for young women " collide with the beauty that go vacationing

1996, china goes vacationing the first times hotel triumphant Lai goes vacationing hotel settle inferior Long Wan. After this, group of intercontinental hotel management, happy event amounts to room public house to manage a group to be looked at in succession grant this treasure land, grab halt 3 inferior. But after this a few years, 3 inferior go vacationing travel industry makes progress all the time however slow.

From 2003 begin, of new start business inferior dragon bay happy event will ascend go vacationing hotel at a heat with " generation a general term for young women " the orgnaization reached agreement of 3 years of cooperation. The first year, in the doubt sound of a lot of people, was fond of the turnover that will enter a public house to break through 100 million yuan. After this, happy event will ascend house price mixes the hotel to lead hold all the time inferior Long Wan first of each hotel, become happy event whole world of group of the hotel that amount to house is famous one of degree of highest hotels.

Inferior Long Wan also is in " generation a general term for young women " of contest drive become famous quickly, foreign tourist quantity is in weak point grow quickly inside a few years. Current, hotel of fast star class had exceeded domestic tourist amount into the foreign tourist quantity that live, inferior Long Wan became a the name matches the reality " international goes vacationing village " . Going up somehow, happy event will ascend go vacationing the hotel has been become 3 inferior the surveyor's pole of hotel industry.

Brand of top class hotel from 3 inferior sailing

It is in countrywide each city, 3 inferior hotel of fast star class group spend be among the best of candidates thick and fast. Do not calculate had signed what have not begin construction about already brand of optional location hotel, 3 inferior mix in what build already the hotel of 5 stars class of operation already amounted to many 20. Na Ruidi says, 3 inferior let hotel of a lot of brands fly to the world.
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