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Club of golf of scenery of fierce exterminate hill obtains 5 stars restaurant
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Recently, from the whole nation committee of assess of restaurant of travel star class transmits a good news, club of golf of scenery of fierce exterminate hill is travelled for 5 stars class by formal assess restaurant, become Fujian northwest area restaurant of travel of stage of first 5 stars.

Club of golf of scenery of fierce exterminate hill 2003 the bottom begins construction formally construction, cover an area of 2480 mus, by Hong Kong state brightness group, Beijing too limited company of development of international of condition of strength of Wei group, Hong Kong invests jointly 300 million multivariate construction. Already built up to now include golf of field of golf of country of standard of 18 holes international, 23 thousand square metre class of meeting place, 5 stars goes vacationing development of school of international of field of exercise of hotel, golf, golf and golf country house, it is collect integrated recreational, conference goes vacationing the field of travel public relations that is an organic whole. It is Fujian provincial and current have hotel of 5 stars class and large golf exclusively the field of meeting place form a complete set. The club does business at beginning to try in May 2005. Already welcomed visitor of the high end outside coming from the churchyard such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan 50 thousand much person-time, among them ball guest 10 thousand much person-time, promoted Wu Yi the class that hill travels and grade greatly.

Club of golf of scenery of fierce exterminate hill receives in glory restaurant of travel of 5 stars stage, not only fill Wu Yi the blank of restaurant of travel of Shan Wuxing stage, it is industry of travel of fierce exterminate hill travels from sightseeing more to recreational go vacationing a of transition important sign, for Wu Yi hill is made travel internationally go vacationing it is important that the city is stridden one pace.

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