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Brand of Pullman of elegant tall hotel will march New Zealand
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Today, elegant tall hotel (Accor) announces the Customs street the region of heart of central shopping centre in Oakland, predecessor is bank of New Zealand reserve (the place beyond NewZealandReserveBank) develops hotel of a Pullman, this indicates the move is elegant Pullman of new and high brand of 5 stars class will march New Zealand. Hotel on 2010 practice of the 2nd quarter.

This denounce endowment 100 million New Zealand yuan the project is in charge of developing by the CP group that is located in New Zealand. This hotel will deploy the perfect conference establishment that accommodates the person that amount to 800 to attend the meeting, and room of swimming-pool of station of a main cafeteria, weather, fitness and daytime hydrotherapy.

The hotel sits enjoy Customs market head situation, distance water bank has a few markets only, and can arrive at Oakland easily on foot main shopping centre. Terminus of the meal with adjacent still and popular hotel and recreational spot, downtown shopping area, ferry and Britomart railroad and bus turn by the center.

The elegant tall brand that Oakland Pullman hotel will add this city to have -- Nuo Ford, beautiful house, appropriate is thought of surely, in Allseasons and Formule1 hotel cavalcade. Current, elegant high group is managed in New Zealand 29 hotels and go vacationing hotel.

Roll out Pullman hotel brand, belong to elegant high group to undertake the brand weighs the one share of model act, this action is met especially brand of Suo Fei spy (Sofitel) promotion comes luxurious hotel category. This strategy created opportunity, make Pullman can regard clear fixed position as the hotel new brand in high-end market and come out, face business affairs and conference market.

Oakland Pullman hotel -- brand-new fashionable hotel

Oakland Pullman hotel will have a room of a 290 large guest room, top class daytime Spa, swimming-pool, fitness, cafeteria and public house. Its still will deploy perfect conference establishment, can accommodate amount to 800 delegates attending the meeting.

59 Pullman hotel was rolled out in the whole world 2009, added 2015 reach 300

Before announcing to roll out Oakland Pullman hotel, elegant be in high end rolled out this brand in the whole world 2007, this years 12 Pullman hotel opens business in Ouya. To the end of 2009, pullman hotel network will cover Europe, middle east, South America and Asia-Pacific area many 15600 more than 59 hotels of 23 countries, guest room, include among them on 2008 the four seasons spends the hotel of a Pullman in start business of Sydney Olympic park. Look for a long time from which, the target of elegant high group is the global chain that develops to be comprised by 300 hotels before 2015, include 100 hotels that are in Asia-Pacific area. Its target is with annual the speed of 25 hotels is outspread global network.
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