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Tianjin exceeds 7 stars level luxurious big public house is too extravagant
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Occupy medium to report, 2010, tianjin will build a 50 thousand square metre " exceed hotel of 7 stars class " .

According to the investment of this hotel investment of business China for generations accuses a group president Yu Jinyong to introduce, exceed hotel of 7 stars class to invest 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs, to it of form a complete set still have the relevant establishment such as center of conference of office building of class A intelligence, international, large ShoppingMall, investment makes an appointment with 3.5 billion yuan of RMBs, project in April 2008 start working, predict in October 2010 complete.

Actually, construction exceeds hotel of 7 stars class to be not Tianjin the originality of one ground. Had last year in November report, chongqing city plans to build two floor area of 250 thousand square metre exceed hotel of 7 stars class. Different is, of Chongqing exceed 7 stars hotel to build plan to had been not knocked finally calm, and Tianjin had listed start working, complete makes clear schedule.

According to data introduction, the whole world has public house of class of two 7 stars only. One is the uncle porcelain hotel that reposes in A couplet chief of a tribe, another Shang Hao that is Italy old hotel of Si Jiale benefit, the luxurious degree of these two hotels makes a person acclaim as the peak of perfection. And the top level with at present medium system of assess of restaurant of class of our country existing star is platinum 5 stars class. Look from literal, exceed 7 stars class to should be over 7 stars class. Look, new round of luxurious hotel built upsurge to had come. Just do not know, it is which city after all most take inn of go with wine to develop Jinisi first record.

Undeniable, luxurious hotel is in promotion city image, improve respect of local travel environment, investment climate to be able to produce effect. Tianjin and Chongqing serve as a municipality directly under the Central Government, to get used to the development of market economy, increase luxurious hotel amount, promote a hotel class, this give no cause for more criticism. Since decide construction exceeds hotel of 7 stars class, most propbably has its reason, also had had relevant proof, better market anticipates; Astral class hotel builds heat, economy also was mirrorred to develop favorable situation and market prospect on certain level.

But, if hotel development went " luxurious competition " error, have to make a person anxious. Cannot evasive problem is, do we need so luxurious public house really? Astral class hotel is much, luxurious, whether can the guest rise more accordingly certainly? In fact, the market space of hotel industry is not infinite, besides dazzle rich experience, be in short-term inside, the market demand of hotel of 7 stars class won't be very big. From long-term in light of, if did not calculate market space strictly, build public house of luxurious star class blindly than broadness, do not have advantage to investor not only, also can bring serious resources waste, influence hotel industry persists healthy progress.
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