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Hotel of the 38 Urumqi before the section is booked hot
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"38 " international woman red-letter day will come, each balcony of big public house books Urumqi city phone one after another.

"These days several enterprises ask price. " yesterday (on March 4) , chen Fengying of manager of department of public relations of old hotel of Xinjiang China approach says, this hotel already was ordered give 9 box, main with enterprise or business the unit is given priority to.

As a result of this year " 38 " international woman red-letter day is Saturday, controller of a few hotels is forecasted, rate of seat of honour of hotel dining room will compare in former years tall. As we have learned, black town each public house " 38 " the price of buffet of international woman red-letter day is in 96 yuan each, 168 yuan between.

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