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Hotel of salty go smoothly: Retain the traditional trait of inn of Shaoxing rice
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Lu Xun is in novel " Kong Yi oneself " in the " of hotel of " Xian Heng that writes, promote in carry on have its store truly. "2 words source stems from Xian Heng " " · of The Book of Changes female divinatory symbols " : "" of the Xian Heng that taste content sentence. Gao Heng " Zhouyi passes greatly note today " point out: "Henry " is the meaning of " beautiful " . Tang Ren Kong Ying is amounted to criterion commentate for " of " be prosperous.

Hotel of salty go smoothly is set in Dou Changfang mouth. Dou Changfang mouth is an unfamiliar small market, outside dividing hotel of salty go smoothly, still heart of a " promotes hotel " , it is to sit north of the Southern Dynasties. Heart promote a hotel to be in on the west head, hotel of salty go smoothly is in east head, door of as new as Home Zhou station is opposite, lie between a narrow flagging only. Hotel of salty go smoothly is the jointly owned of a few a member of the same clan of Lu Xun, have his Cong Shuzhou Zhong Xiang among them. Father Zhou Jiaosheng of Zhou Zhongxiang is one's previous experience of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties, shuai Xuetang should supervise the Changjiang Delta water that meantime is in Nanjing. Zhou Zhongxiang and his elder brother Zhou Baiwen is fond of a scholarly honour and official rank. The business of hotel of salty go smoothly not as good as heart it is good to start a public house, because the great majority of tinfoil paper worker around is heart the old customer that begins a hotel. Hotel of salty go smoothly midday of Cong Guangxu armour year around opens business do business, left only 2, closed down 3 years.

Hotel of salty go smoothly is only only bay appearance, pattern and in front of the introduction same, be being promoted in carry on is to be full of representative small public house. Should mention only hotel of salty go smoothly, people can remember that instantly in the street the fennel beans of the big bar of carpenter's square form and go with wine, remember Kong Yi oneself. General scholar won't drink in this kind of small public house. Tutor Mr Shou Jingwu of 3 flavour bookstore however this kind of hotel goes to haunt drink. Nevertheless, he is less than hotel of salty go smoothly, and always arrive heart start a public house. He always is avoiding the student goes, often drink half jins of wine after putting midday to learn, come home next have a meal. Because was familiar with, shou Jingwu takes inn door, counterjumper with respect to accost he? 2 lord of Quot; , sit inside · . "Then, give him lukewarm half jins of wine is put on the desk. Birthday gentleman conveniently feels 8 copper coin or money to be put on the desk, buy the fennel beans of coin or money of a copper again.

At that time, the neighbour of Lu Xun home has " of master of the first month of a " that be by person, this person likes to drink, one's early years helps scribal official documents in private school of family name of week of new station door. Later, be frustrated of his be broken to the world. , sneak away to steal a book in the study, when be being seized, he still says: "Steal a book to cannot calculate secretly! "This person result is hit incomplete leg, can fill up with cattail bag only sit on the ground or rely on two tactics to propping up move body. Lu Xun is material with him, extract other material again, the client aperture second that modelled hotel of salty go smoothly artistic figure of oneself. What hotel of salty go smoothly already made the history originally is a thing of past, but 1981 summer, in carry on suddenly the bridge pressed down Xing Ke to have public house of two salty go smoothly, with Lu Xun depict is similar pattern.
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