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Of the Englishman " dietary new position "
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More and more Englishmans begin to examine his food and health rationally, express clearly to want to defy snack. "It is shame in order to eat quick meal " the maxim that becomes numerous Englishman.

Investigation of British food Committee on Standard shows, more Englishmans express to be able to choose to come home cook, is not to buy high in syrup, tall salt and be not healthy snack food adiposely high. People has realised, diabetic be in England with the disease such as tall blood fat so general, among them a main reason, ate namely too much like hamburger, potato so insalubrious food.

In 5 years of in the past, adult of more than 12 million England has realised, eat 5 kinds everyday or more vegetable and fruit will be healthful. And to England the statistical result of 83 thousand shops shows, on healthy food and the sale that are not healthy food, had pulled open apparent distance.

The supermarket with the biggest England expresses even locksmith, current, sales volume of all sorts of vegetable that have rich vitamin, fruit is particularly good, can hold the head of a list of names posted up that sells a list of names posted up everyday, this and past are compared 5 years, it is two kinds of circumstances completely.

Abandoned snack, the Englishman had " dietary new position " . All sorts of fresh fruits and nut, had become an Englishman most the daily snacks of praise highly, and fresh fruit juice and clean water are people the beverage of more choice. On English menu, of all kinds bean products, carrot, sweet potato and beet, begin to hold more and more significant position.

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