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The serving method of Chinese meal serving
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The average order of Chinese meal serving is: First cold meats, postheat is fried, big vegetable, soup, noodle alternates among, finally is a fruit. Go up the order of mug-up, differ somewhat between each restaurant, some is in at the back of soup on, some the first salty dot arrives ahead of schedule at the back of the first big vegetable on; Some salty, dessert go up together, on across of some salty, desert.

The cold meats on the first dish. Advisable on before opening place a few minutes of end. Guest is entered after opening place, clerk taking course informs the kitchen prepares to give food namely. Eat when guest go when the cold meats that 2/3 controls, with respect to the first dish, put food in advocate before guest, the deputy host of cold meats tend that will not have at the same time. The following fried dishes use same method on ordinal end, but when before needing to notice one dish has not moved chopsticks, want to inform the kitchen does not fry below one dish. If guest dines rate is rapid, with respect to beard announcement the kitchen gives food quickly, prevent occurrence sky dish the circumstance of empty table. Fried dish after finishing, before the first big vegetable (it is the fim, ) such as holothurian, bird's nest commonly, what should change next using to pass is pelvic. After passing on the first big vegetable, inspect circumstance or on one mug-up, or the 2nd big vegetable. In finish last big vegetable and be about to go up Shang Shi, answer to tell master dish to already was finished in a low voice, remind a visitor timely end banquet.

The serving method of a few kinds of special food

Candied floss dish is like candied floss dish on candied floss slices of fish meat, candied floss apple, candied floss sweet potato, want to hold cool boiled water in the palm. Use soup bowl namely full-dress cool boiled water, will put aside of the dish of candied floss dish banquet serves with tray end on soup bowl. Hold cool boiled water in the palm to go up candied floss dish, can prevent candy sweat caky, carry the special flavor of candied floss dish.

If the course of blast of deepfry rape oil that flies changeably on hauls a fish, ball of shrimp of Gao Li shelled fresh shrimps, blast, fried chicken ball, can carry oily boiler. Specific means is: Before serving, falling good food is placed on dish stage dish, carrying oily boiler to arrive by chef fall dish stage edge installs dish dish, immediately is served by clerk end desk. This kind of dish appears on the stage only fast, ability carries the appearance of dish and special flavor, if time grew vegetable,collapse with respect to meeting shrivelled be out of shape. Requirement clerk goes up quickly desk, remind the edible on guest horse.

Former handleless cup is stewed on taste dish former handleless cup to stew taste dish to wait like wax gourd handleless cup, after appearing on the stage, should rip before the guest's face go close over paper, so that maintain,stew tasted raw ingredient. Such doing, still can make clear to the guest stew tasting is former handleless cup is stewed article. Rip go wanting to lift a lid quickly after gauze paper, retroflexion the lid put away. The distillation water that when taking a top, notices not to get on the lid is on guest body.
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