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The 3 first sale of tea beverage are politic
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Since 1998, tea beverage industry and the look of things of cafes estate development are better, make the new point of growth that drives development of Chinese tea estate. The important hour that shortly will enter industry of tea of 21 centuries, China to be faced with challenge and good luck coexistence, the analysis studies tea beverage lifecycle and its corresponding sale strategy are very significant. To this, the author talks about the view of some of shallow. .

One, the comparison about tea beverage product advantage

In China development tea beverage has advantaged comparison advantage.

1. China is world tea country of origin, resourceful, it is the endless, cost that tea beverage product takes cheap, used convenient treasure house. In Chinese tea resource, a large number of in cheap tea appropriate makes raw material of tea beverage first selection.

2. tea is Chinese the quintessence of a country, what wait for many a few chiliad than carbonic acid beverage, fruit juice beverage, clean water is drinkable history. Go up in habits and customs, on culture tradition, the Chinese has the base that drinks tea. And, after life rhythm is accelerated, leave namely namely the tea beverage of drink takes easy store easily, drinkable and convenient, can be accepted by consumer stage by stage.

3. tea beverage and tea are same, contain a lot ofa variety of good to human body material. Relative to at other beverage character, consumer more wish to drink healthy beverage. Because tea beverage compares carbonic acid beverage more tastily, more satisfy one's thirst, have more than clean water flavor, more life-giving, sweet nevertheless still. For this contemporary consumer to quality of life of be particular about, very important of course.

2, develop level about beverage of chinese mainland tea

Normally, product and its corresponding industry have certain lifecycle, guide namely period, into long-term, autumn and winter, see sketch map.

Beverage of 1. chinese mainland tea develops guide period. Arrive from 1986 roughly 1998. 1986, be in city of face of Japanese tea beverage 5 years later, the coke of plastic and bottled tea of Zhejiang Hangzhou begins to enter the market, become beverage of chinese mainland tea to guide period initial label. This one period, chinese mainland emerge in large numbers gives a variety of 40 tea drink. Among them, add candy to add the portion of beverage of tea of the type that move water such as the grandma to occupy 75% the left and right sides, beverage of tea of clear water type is occupied 25% the left and right sides. In the meantime, because tea beverage has not form dimensions benefit, market share is minor, price is opposite taller.

Beverage of 2. chinese mainland tea develops grow period. From look on the whole, began to be entered 1999 long-term. The reason of such judgement basically has two. It is tea beverage industry growth range is bigger. Crop of beverage of chinese mainland tea, 200 thousand tons are controlled 1997, 500 thousand tons are controlled 1998, 800 thousand tons are controlled 1999, amount to 1.5 million tons possibly 2000. Since 1998, amplitude is achieved respectively and will achieve 2.5 times, 1.6 times with 1.8 times. Additional, according to " Chinese food signs up for " report, 1999, it is in supermarket of Beijing's biggest a few chain, the sales volume of tea beverage already kept balance with 100 things coke, individual " have even overtake the situation of Coke Cola " . Current, place of beverage of tea of the type that move water occupies portion to begin to drop, place of beverage of tea of clear water type occupies portion to begin to rise. After beginning into long-term end, autumn, incline to of this one scale at be being occupied each roughly 50% . In the meantime, increase somewhat into long-term tea beverage breed, amount, diversity spending trend is more clear, teenage consumer increases significantly. 2 it is a variety of evidence make clear: The industry of tea beverage industry is spent centrally had increase apparently. To the end of 1999, chinese mainland already had many 20 production many 30 enterprise, product line is producing tea drink. Among them, the rising sun rises, health master, unified, collect a source, 3 the place such as benefit holds share is taller and taller, adjacent already 80% the left and right sides, dimensions benefit begins remarkable.
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