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The market of tea brand runs a method
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I thinks, the strategy of the first phase of heart letter can divide a pace to finish with two years of time, namely trilogy of heart letter tea.

The first pace, high starting point, great strength rolls out heart letter tea, establish image of brand of heart letter tea.

In order to raise a brand famous degree for market work key, be united in wedlock with the media advertisement of high quality and propaganda paterial of many terminal sales promotion, forestall one's opponent by a show of strength, establish image of heart letter brand. This job can divide large area to undertake, make cost in order to reduce use.

This period main goal is the market the organization of advanced place is consumed and the individual vogue of white-collar and network gens is consumed. Because this kind of consumer has the consequence that comparative and forerunner sex to whole market, especially they are right to evaluate and accepting rate of the brand other suffer numerous have very big demonstrative effect, be " the ground that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely " .

This one pace from 2002 begin first, to May the climax is reached when world cup football match.

This one pace is to sow period, want to make specific market target, the success or failure that the market works is measured with achieving the rate of the target. Cannot eager for quick success and instant benefit, also cannot crave for greatness and success. In market target make on, with the brand famous degree, the market has couple of photograph of sales volume of rate, year.

The plan that this first phase must make good advertisement and conduct propaganda vigorously and carry out, the advertisement that heart letter tea rolls out must be high-quality goods, public relations is publicized must high administrative levels.

Additional, shop goods also should catch up with, where does the market accomplish, goods is about where to spread. Goods itself also is a strong advertisement and conduct propaganda.

The key of this one pace is to had been done " cry out " .

The 2nd pace, enlarge the market to have rate, establish is in China the dominant position of tea domain.

On the foundation of the first pace, be safeguarded meticulously and promote a brand image further, should be in the beauty of the brand especially praise spend fluctuation time. The key of this first phase is to enlarge the market quickly to have rate, make heart letter tea makes the first selection that compatriots drinks tea truly.

Additional, besides carry activity of advertisement, public relations besides, engineer flexible language of media special subject even meticulously, affect the beverage structure of compatriots. The longing that cooperates modern to be returned to to nature with natural, healthy heart letter concept, the proportion that tea of promotion heart letter holds in people beverage, wait from coke, coffee, mineral water market share is dug over there beverage.
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