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Shandong wine culture
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Drink of be apt to of Shandong person element, so, drinking custom also is colorful diversity, wine changes namely source deep flows long. .

It is sitting above all.

Shandong is formal since ancient times side, wine table is the guest and host that go up, so long young cent is cannot careless.

On wine desk, the position of common strong entrance is master or of a form of address formally used by an employee to his employer or a tenant-peasant to his landlord, a general designation on wine desk is " advocate accompany " ;

Be in advocate the seat on accompany receives a visitor together with host, cry " deputy accompany " .

Sit in advocate accompany the right hand is " advocate guest " , advocate guest is today the leading role of feast, it is the character that sainted perhaps holds the balance commonly.

Sit in advocate accompany left hand is " second guest " ;

Deputy advocate the right hand that accompany it is 3 guest commonly.

Deputy advocate the left hand that accompany for 4 guest.

Other places distinguish not quite commonly in last few years guest, more optional sit. But normal government situation still wants farther cultured, try no longer here fractionize.

Some feast can appear sometimes the 3rd accompanies wine, original play is called " 3 accompany " , these a few years, as culture outspread, change call " 2 accompany assistant "

Guest and host takes a seat, drink begin.

Elder is general with liquor had better. Also can drink beer of course, but the scale convert that wants certain white spirit, beer above all. Generally speaking: According to the capacity for liquor of the degree of liquor and guest, it is commonly 1: 6, 1: 7, 1: 9, 1: 10, shandong person drinks rarely now 1: 8, general with 1: 7 be in the majority, the reason is be agitated. Scale of liquor red wine is commonly 1: 3 or 1: 6.

Decide good proportion, wine field begins.

Host should have an opening remarks commonly, polite formula, decide a level next. This cup of wine should divide that is to say second drink. It is 6 commonly, cry " 6 " . It is commonly advocate accompany 3 cups (or case) , deputy accompany 3 cups (or remove) , 6 representing's successful meaning, "Case " the meaning is contained " develop " meaning, the graph is auspicious. Such everybody are in advocate those who accompany guide below, the edge is drunk, the edge eats, the frontier says. This wine wants cheers commonly, also can lift cup when nod on the table, cry " pass report " .

Advocate, deputy accompany take wine, decide by the circumstance next 2 accompany assistant to respect a few cups.

Later, host announces the ceremony finishs, everybody is OK swing. Noticed, this swing can not be to let you go out really activity wake sober up, can drink alone with anybody however, and drink drink more need not impose restriction less. General this moment, the guest wants the great kindness entertainment to host to express gratitude, propose a toast dispersedly again next, general the first round be advocate accompany with advocate guest, second guest and deputy accompany, the rest may be deduced by analogy. During this, it is wine when the atmosphere on the desk is the most dynamic, the relation of guest and host can be pulled at a draught close a lot of. But this moment often is when headaching quite. Because had had the gut below half jins of liquor right now, the pattern of urge sb to drink. has many during, particularly easy and malty.
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