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Hotel ready money flows day-to-day management
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Hotel ready money flows day-to-day management

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

1, the whole process that holds hotel ready money to flow into, make sure its safety is mixed quickly.

Restaurant changes now capability is strong, financial management should fall in real point, spend the prosperous incorporate money of company income; The settle accounts with due and perfect system of one-time settle accounts runs restaurant system, the nocturnal careful that form a complete set restricts independently and credence manage, come true truly to promote income, credit manager acted important role.

2, the speed that control cash pours out of and means.

Law, time and plan grasp a credit side that financial classics behoove presses restaurant regulation to be poured out of to cash control counterpoises. A location is exact, have famous degree, the restaurant with capable sale, income is stable, if the height that capital pays is short borrow repay, project plan money pays should arrange in busy season. Financing of study abroad supermarket runs way, choose good businessman, after obtain batch price and be being delayed, pay, this also is a kind of interest-free loan. Anyhow, make full use of company actual strength and brand, with market economy shift, complementary mix with inquiry " one ticket is overruled make " built-in control method, put delay adequately to pour out of speed, a minute of Qian Ke makes a few minutes of money use, the optimal point that reachs capital beneficial result is begged on.

3, cash flows a budget.

Everything " stand beforehand, do not abandon beforehand " , cash sheds the key of budgetary management and difficult point, the key depends on attempering velocity of flow of enterprise interior cash, difficulty depends on the blindness in the work out and the optional sex in carrying out. Cash shedding is estimated the work out basically is technology and blunt job, what should pay close attention to is: Affirmatory sale, purchase, the cash such as advertisement, project is flowed into and discharge an amount. Because the receivable cash of any time all included the receivable of early days, and receivable implicit bad debts risk. Cash is flowed into finite, cash pours out of channel a lot of, expenses of salary, raw material, the sources of energy, duty, interest, should press importance and value principle arrangement.

Anyhow, the budget can promote business operator to know his cash state, facilitate decision-making, pour out of a quantity to get more cash to flow into a quantity with enough ready money, flow into the cash of balance quantity translate into to show Troy completely again, such loop is changed.

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